Fifth Minnesota, Company C


Fifth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Regiment mustered in December 19, 1861 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota

Commanding Officers:  Colonel Rudolph Borgesrode, April to August 1862                                                           Colonel Lucius F. Hubbard, August, 1862- September 1865

Siege of Corinth, Mississippi, May 26-30, 1862

Dakota War, August and September, 1862,   Minnesota's other Civil War,  Companies B, C, and D.  Captain John Marsh and 22 men of Company B were killed August 18, 1862 at Redwood. 

Battle of Iuka, Mississippi, September 19, 1862

Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, October 3-4, 1862

Grant's Central Mississippi Campaign, November, 1862 to January 1863

Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi, May 18-July 4, 1863

Meridian Campaign, February 3-March 2, 1863

Red River Campaign, March 10-May 22, 1863

Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 9, 1864

Battle of Tupelo, Mississippi, July 17, 1864

March through Arkansas and Missouri in pursuit of General Price, Sept-Nov, 1864.  Marching over seven hundred miles and marching on Nov. 3 in a blizzard through a foot of snow. 

Battle of Nashville, Tennessee with 7th, 9th, and 10th Minnesota Infantry Regiments, December 15-16, 1864.  Lieut. Thomas P. Gere, 5th Minnesota, recieved the Medal of Honor for capturing the colors of the 4th Mississippi Regiment. 

Assault and Capture of Spanish Fort, Alabama, April 8, 1865

Assault and Capture of Fort Blakely, Alabama, April 9, 1865

Garrison Duty, DeMopolis, Alabama, May to September, 1865

Served under General A.J. Smith as part of the 16th Army Corps who were known as "Smith's Guerrillas" and "Smith's Israelities."  At Nashville one of his men said "We have been to Vicksburg, Red River, Missouri, and about everywhere down South and out West and now we are going to go to Hell, if old A.J. orders us."

Mustered out at Fort Snelling, September 6, 1865, the last of Minnesota's eleven infantry regiments to be discharged.

The regiment numbered 860 men at its organization and later received 303 recruits and drafted men for a total of 1,163.  The regiment lost a total of 269 men either killed in battle of by disease and another 261 men were discharged for wounds or disability.

The regiment participated in thirteen campaigns, fives sieges, and thirty four battles and minor engagements in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisianna, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Quoting Colonel Lucius Hubbard: "The Fifth Minnesota was a victor in every fight in which it was engaged.  The only experience possible in war it did not acquire was that of defeat." 

Regimental history by Sgt. Daniel Dills 

 Other Minnesota Units:

1st Minnesota -  First Battle of Bull Run - 20% casualties.  Most of any Union unit in the battle                Gettysburg - involved in fighting on two days.  Started with 262 men and ended with 30.  No longer a fightign unit.

2nd Minnesota - Battle of Chickamauga.  Battle of Missionary Ridge at Chattanooga which broke seige of the city.   Sherman's march through Georgia and North and South Carolina.

4th Minnesota - Seige of Vicksburg.  Sherman's march through Georgia and North and South Carolina.

1st Light Artillery Battery - Battle of Shiloh

2nd Light Artillery Battery - Battle of Chickamauga and Sherman's march  

Overall, Minnesota had 11 Infantry Regiments, 2 Calvary Regiments, 2 Companies Sharpshooters, 3 Light Artillery Batteries, and 1 Heavy Artillery Battery.