Military Military Flag raising. Ft. Ridgely, 2006 67453997 The company. Spring drill, 2007. 58517370 Marching. Spring drill, 2007 58517371 Officers observing drill. Fort Ridgely, 2006 67455684 Lieut. Sheehan. Fort Ridgely, 2006 67455682 Quartermaster's supplies, Memorial Day, 2006, at The Landing 67456600 Punished for fighting. Fort Ridgely, 2006 67456599 Camp Inspection. Albert Lea, 2006 67453507 Relaxing in the shade. Fort Ridgely, 2007. 58517368 Wounded. Mason City, 2007 58517369 In camp. Charles City, IA, 2008 67453504 Walking to town. Memorial Day, 2006, at The Landing 67456596 Firing a salute. Memorial Day, 2008, at The Landing 67453996 Marching in to town. Memorial Day, 2008, at The Landing 67455683 Resting in camp. Memorial Day, 2008, at The Landing 67457098 Before the battle. Pipestone, 2008 67453506 Before the battle. Pipestone, 2008 67456597 Maching to battle. Pipestone, 2008 67456598 Battle. Pipestone, 2008 67453505 Private Johnson taking a break. Dakota City, 2008 67453995 Sgt. Larson - Berdan Sharpshooters, Pvt Walker 5th Mn Co. D Mike is also a member of Co. D 5th Minnesota as is young Seth Walker setted on the right. 97273146 In camp. Labor day 2008 at The Landing. 69446536 First Sgt. Grandy. Labor Day 2008 at The Landing. 69446537 Private Johnson. Labor Day 2008 at The Landing. 69446539 A quick inspection. Labor Day 2008 at The Landing. 69446538 Pvt Bolda, Vivandiere, Keith Larson Encamped with Pvt Bolda, Co. D 5th MN Vivandiere - 2nd Minnesota Lt. Artillery Keith, son of Sgt Larson, Berdan Sharpshooter 97273147 In camp. Boscobel, 2009 58517373 In camp. Boscobel, 2009 58517374 Labor Day 2009 at The Landing. 58517372 Tim the ice man, Santa Claus, and Private Johnson. Folkways of the Holidays, 2009, at The Landing 67455681 Winter camp. January, 2010, at The Landing 67457100 Skiing during winter camp. January, 2010, at The Landing 67457099 Buckshot Chuck "Buckshot" Holbook Formerly of 6th Wisconsin Infantry He and his lovely wife, Kim, have joined Co. C this winter. 102699516 Winter campaign. January, 2010, at The Landing 67457101 Winter campaign. January, 2010, at The Landing 67457102 Co. C 5th Minnesota Spring Muster 2010 The Landing We were honored to have men from Co D 5th MN and the 1st Wisconsin Infy join us for the Spring Muster May 1st 2010 at The Landing. A great day of drill and camplife. 80926782 2nd Sgt Dills, File Closer 96439587 Color Bearer Iverson, Pipestone 2010 96437489 Pipestone 2010, 3rd Company, Federal Battalion 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company was made up of 5th Minnesota Companies B, C & D. The 1st Platoon was comprised of 1st & 2nd Minnesota, Company commander, Capt. JE Beedle. 96439584 Cpl Hunt with his homemade banjo 96439585 Young Pvt Iverson, bravely holds the Colors 96439586 Pvt Krieg in the ranks 96440602 The lads of Companies C & D in camp 96557533 Third Company, Federal Battalion, Pipestone 2010 97022639 Heat of the battle 97022640 The Battalion Commander wheels the men into line 97022641 Federal Battalion, line of battle 97022642 Battalion advancing on the enemy position 97022644 Taking count of losses in battle 97022645 The long awaited rest 97022646 Stand of Arms 97022647 Pvt Grandy's sheebang 97022649 Shade tree resting place 97022651 Grandy shows the determination of the 5th Minnesota Grandy was in 1st Platoon along with members of 1st & 2nd Minnesota Infantry. 97022652 2nd Minnesota LIght Artillery in support Patience is the brave Vivandiere on the limber. 97024644 Pvt Krieg Hamm and his new greatcoat 97271646 Federal Battalion going into action 97271647 5th Minnesota comprised the 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company, 1st Battalion Pipestone 2010 Cpl Hunt - Co. C Pvt Bolda - Co.D Pvt Walker - Co. D Pvt Hamm - Co. C 2nd Sgt Dills - Co. C Pvt. Cox - Co. A 97271648 Cpl Hunt & Pvt Hamm - Skirmishers 97271650 Sgt Dills - Labor Day, The Landing, 2010 Good, hot lunch fresh from the mucket 97968537 In Place Rest The knarled hands of the veterans as compared to the yet, unscathed hands of the young soldier. 97968539 Encampment, The Landing, Labor Day 2010 Campaigner encampment. The weather was cool and pleasant. The mosquitos, however, attacked the men of Company C in Division strength. The blood loss was horrific!!! 97968540 Determination of the lads Left to right: Charles "Bug" Rose - Co. C 5th MN "Buckshot" - 1st Wisconsin Infy Joseph Barber - Co. C 5th MN Memorial Day- The Landing- 2011 97968541 Acting 1st Sgt Daniel Dills The "Turkish Admiral" look. Sgt Dills loves all his shiny brass. 102700737 Lt. Sheehan & Miss Sarah Rose Augustine 102700738 Pvt. Charles Holbook Earned the nickname of "Buckshot" around 5:30am Memorial Day 2010 while waiting to shoot a TV spot for the Landing. You woulda had to been there for the moment!! Formerly of 6th Wis., now Co. C 5th MN 102700739 Pvt Joseph Barber Standing guard in camp 102700740 Pvt Kreig Hamm At rest 102700741 Pvt Geoff Spilman Lt Sheehan's missing orderly, rarely seen in action!! 102700742 Ready for picket duty 102700743 In Camp discussion 102700744 Camp Horseplay Clearly, Cpl Hunt is unaware of the shenigans behind his back 102700745 Pvt H. Davis, Pioneer 102700746 Cpl Daniel Hunt relaxing 102701518 Memorial Day 2010 The Landing Soldiers camp 102714398 Civilian & Military encampment The Landing Memorial Day 2010 This has been the 5th MInnesota's campsite for the past 5 years now. We sorta concider this our "home" 102714399 Quartermaster's supply tent 102714400 Stacks of arms The civilian encampment across the road at The Landing 102714401 Wasioja Monument Dedication Sgt Dills & Pvt Grandy Nov. 11, 2010 Dodge Co. Civil War Monument Dedication Service Photo from Tom Gall 3rd MN 106183124 Volley Firing, Wasioja Dedication 2nd Sgt Dills, 5th MN in forground Pvt Gall, 3rd MN Pvt Davis, 5th MN Pvt, 3rd MN 1st Sgt Bianchi, 3rd MN Capt. Kuznicki, 3rd MN, Photo by Scott Jacobson, Rochester Post Bulletin commanding detail 106205789 Raising the Flag, Wasioja Dedication 2nd Sgt D. Dills had the honor of raising the 34 star National Flag at the Dodge Co. Civil War monument dedication Nov 11, 2010 Photo by Scott Jacobson Rochester Post Bulletin 106782436 Farmington Minnesota Several years back, the Henderson brothers wandered into our camp. The boys made all their own uniforms and are self taught on the Drum & Fife. If you attend events in Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin, quite often the boys will show. They are getting pretty good at it these days. 115590607 Training on the big guns. Sgt Dills performing limber tasks 120286093 The Minnesota Company The Landing Spring Muster, May 7, 2011 Company commanded by Capt. Moffet (1st MN) 1st Lt. Sheehan (5th MN), 1st Sgt Dapper (1st MN) and consists of elements of 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Minnesota Infantry Regiments. 125728506 The Minnesota Company, Wasioja 2011 Lt. Sheehan & Captain Beedle readying the company for the march 185836513 185836514 The Federal Battalion Wasioja 2013 Captain Sheehan bringing the Federal Battalion onto the field. 185836515 Dills, Grandy, Buckshot In camp 2011 185836516 1st Lt. Sheehan & 1st Sgt Dapper Spring Muster 2001 1st Sgt Dapper 1st MN Infy 1st Lt. Sheehan 5th MN Infy 185836517 SGt Dills with men of Company I, 5th MN LeSuer Tigers monument dedication 185836518 Minn. Co. Wasioja 2011 5th MN Battle Flag Young Pvt CH Dills carries the 5th Minnesota Battle Flag 185836519 185836520 Cpl Laechel Co. B 5th MN Wasioja 2013 185836521 Co. I 5th MN LeSuer Tiger Mon dedication 185836522 In Camp 185836523 Mem Day service, The Landing 185836524 Sgt Dills takes a tumble Dills thought he could sit on the stool with legs crossed. Apparantly not so much 185836525 The venerable Sgt. Dills 185836526 Bayonet excersice 185836527 Mem Day The Landing 185836528 Can Dills stay on the stool? 185836529